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The Axpo Group drew up an important industrial plan to also have production capacity in Italy, thanks to both the construction of power plants and to the acquisition of production from third party companies.

Apart from the WinBis wind farm, Axpo has in Italy a combined cycle power plant at a total of 1.800 MW of power installed (the amount is related to the Axpo share).

This power plant is among one of the greatest investments in the building of new plants (at about Euro1.5 billion) and it also took a technological effort in the energy efficiency field and in limiting environmental impact.

Furthermore, Axpo is a major player in long term agreements to sell energy generated from renewable sources:  currently the Italian Axpo portfolio includes 230 MW from wind generation.
The Italian production sites are seen as single operative companies.  They deal with combined cycle plants with 760 MW of available power.

Currently running are:
Calenia Energia (85% Axpo share) at Sparanise (CE)
Rizziconi Energia (100% Axpo share) at Rizziconi (RC)
SEF (49% Axpo share) at Ferrara (FE)


Operational headquarters

S.S. 303
Località La Toppa Formicoso
83044 Bisaccia (Avellino)